Can India qualify for the World Test Championship final?

Conditions for India to qualify for the world test championship. Can India qualify for the World Test Championship final even if they lose or draw in Ahmedabad?

Can India qualify for the World Test Championship final? 

Australia defeated India by nine wickets in Indore to secure a spot in the World Test Championship (WTC) final, which will be held at The Oval in June. For second place, Sri Lanka and India are competing. The hosts would have guaranteed their spot in the WTC 2023 championship match had they defeated the Aussies in the third Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. But now that they’ve suffered a shocking setback in Indore on a terrible turner, they must defeat Australia in the series’ final Test, which gets off at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium.

Can India qualify for the World Test Championship final?
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India will be eligible to play Australia in the World Test Championship final regardless of the margin of victory in Ahmedabad. With the setback in Indore, Team India’s points percentage (PCT) dropped from 64.06 to 60.29, marking their fifth loss in 17 matches during the current WTC cycle. India will end with a PCT of 62.5 on the WTC standings if they win in Ahmedabad. As Sri Lanka can only get a maximum of 61.11 PCT points on their tour of New Zealand, that would be sufficient for India to qualify.


Can India qualify for WTC final even if they lose or draw in Ahmedabad?

Even if India loses to Australia in Ahmedabad and finishes the Border-Gavaskar Trophy with a score of 2-2, they will still be able to go to the World Test Championship final. But, they will need to rely on Sri Lanka for that entry in the World test Championship.

Can India qualify for the World Test Championship final?
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India might be disqualified from the WTC championship race if they lose or even draw the fourth Test. To get to the World Test Championship final in any scenario, Sri Lanka must defeat New Zealand 2-0 in the two-match Test series. The Kiwis are quite competitive at home, so the Lankans will have a difficult challenge ahead of them.

India competed in the first World Tennis Championship final, which took place in Southampton in June 2021. The Virat Kohli-led team, on the other hand, faltered at the finish line and lost to a ruthless New Zealand by eight wickets.

History of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy

Some of the best cricket games in Border-Gavaskar Trophy history have been played since the rivalry between India and Australia began in 1996.One of the most fascinating stories in cricket mythology is the Border-Gavaskar Cup, a Test series between Australia and India. Between 1947 and 1996, the Indian cricket team played 50 Test matches against Australia. In 1996, the storied game was renamed the Border-Gavaskar Trophy to honor cricket greats Sunil Gavaskar of India and former Australia captain Allan Border’s record-breaking feats.

Can India qualify for the World Test Championship final?
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The first players to reach 10,000 runs in Test cricket were Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border, who both held the record for most runs scored in the game’s longest format for a while. The record for most runs scored in Test matches is currently held by Indian cricket great Sachin Tendulkar. He also has the most runs scored in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, incidentally. Before the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 12 Test matches between India and Australia were played, with the Australians coming out on top 7 times to India’s 1 victory. They drew four.

Border-Gavaskar Trophy winners list:


Winner Result

1996 – 1997



1997 – 1998

India 2-1
1999 – 2000 Australia


2000 – 2001

India 2-1

2003 – 2004



2004 – 2005 Australia


2007 – 2008

Australia 2-1

2008 – 2009

India 2-0
2010 – 2011



2011 – 2012



2012 – 2013 India


2014 – 2015

Australia 2-0
2016 – 2017 India


2018 – 2019 India


2020 – 2021 India



The Border-Gavaskar Trophy is a Test series between India and Australia that has been contested since 1996–1997. It is named after former captains Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar. The thrilling match between the two cricketing heavyweights has already taken place 15 times. India has profited from the tournament’s 15 editions, winning the championship nine times to Australia’s five victories. A series once ended in a tie, and India was granted the trophy as the holder. The coveted trophy is in the hands of Team India, who took first place in 2021.

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