Virat Kohli net worth

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Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer widely recognized as one of the most accomplished and influential players in the sport today. Born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, Kohli’s journey to stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. He is renowned as one of the greatest batsmen of the modern era, and his impressive performances on the field have led him to unparalleled success. However, Kohli’s accomplishments are not limited to cricket alone, as he has also established himself as a prominent figure in the world of business and marketing, contributing significantly to his net worth. This article will provide an overview of Virat Kohli’s net worth and explore how he has become one of the wealthiest athletes globally.

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Off the field, Kohli has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and brand ambassador. He has several lucrative endorsement deals with top brands. With his impressive cricketing career, business acumen, and philanthropic initiatives, Kohli has amassed a significant fortune, making him one of the wealthiest athletes globally.

Virat Kohli Net Worth

122 $ million (2023 updated)

Date of birth 

5 Nov 1988

34 years


50 crore +
Monthly Earning

4 crore +



69 kg’s


Nationality INDIAN

Virat Kohli net worth

Virat Kohli’s impressive net worth is a result of his earnings from various sources. Besides his contract with the Indian cricket board, Kohli has earned a substantial amount of money from his numerous endorsement deals with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Puma, Audi, and Uber. He has also established his own clothing brand, One8, which has proved to be a significant commercial success. Additionally, Kohli’s consistent performances on the cricket field have made him one of the highest-paid players in the Indian Premier League. With his impressive career achievements and entrepreneurial ventures, Kohli’s net worth is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Name Virat Kohli
Net worth 122 $ million (2023 updated)
Net worth in INR(Indian Rupees) Rs. 1010 Crore INR
Daily Earning 10 lakhs +
Monthly Income 4 Crore +
Yearly Income  50 crore +
Income Sources Cricket, Advertisement
Profession  Cricketer

Virat Kohli net worth

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Virat Kohli IPL Income

Virat Kohli’s income from the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a vital component of his overall net worth. As the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise, Kohli has been among the top-earning players in the league, receiving substantial sums in salary and match fees throughout his career. His exceptional performance and leadership skills have made him an indispensable member of the team, and his IPL earnings have significantly contributed to his financial success.

Years Team  Salary (per year) in INR 
2023, 2022 Royal Challenger Bangalore 150,000,000
2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 Royal Challenger Bangalore 170,000,000
2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 Royal Challenger Bangalore 125,000,000
2013, 2012, 2011 Royal Challenger Bangalore 82,000,000
2010, 2009, 2008 Royal Challenger Bangalore 1,200,000
Total 1,732,000,000 (INR)

Virat Kohli Houses and Real Estate Properties

Virat Kohli’s substantial net worth has allowed him to invest in several luxurious properties across India. Some of the properties he owns include a lavish apartment in Mumbai’s upscale Worli area, which he purchased in 2016 for approximately Rs. 34 crores. Additionally, he also owns a house in Gurugram’s elite DLF Phase-1 locality, which he acquired in 2015 for around Rs. 80 crores. These high-end properties are a testament to Kohli’s luxurious lifestyle and financial success both on and off the field.

Virat Kohli net worth

Income from Endorsements:

Virat Kohli has gained significant income from endorsement deals, earning over INR 17 crore. It is reported that he charges Rs.2 crore per day, while MS Dhoni’s rate is Rs.1.5 crore per day. Kohli usually signs contracts that last for three days with a per-day charge of Rs.2 crore, similar to legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. During these days, brands can use Kohli’s time for various events such as photo shoots, press briefings, and other public appearances. Kohli has signed contracts with several prominent companies such as Manyavar, Pepsi, Cinthol Deo, Boost, Fastrack, Godrej, Head and Shoulders, and Nestle India. Moreover, he has also invested in companies such as Blue Tribe, Chisel Fitness, Nueva, Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd, Sport Convo, and Digit shares of companies.

Virat Kohli net worth

Virat Kohli Cars

Virat Kohli has a fondness for luxury automobiles and has possessed various high-end cars throughout the years. Below are some of the cars that he owns.

Cars Price (INR)
Audi R8 LMX 2.97 crore
Audi R8 V10 Plus 2.72 crore
Audi A8 L 1.58 crore
Audi Q8 1.33 crore
Audi Q7 69.27 lakh to 81.18 lakh
Audi RS 5 1.11 crore
Audi S5 79.06 lakh
Renault Duster 10.49 lakh to 13.59 lakh
Range Rover Vogue 2.11 crore
Bentley Continental GT 3.29 crore to 4.04 crore

Does Virat Kohli have any or do charities?

Virat Kohli is known for his philanthropic work through his foundation, the Virat Kohli Foundation (VKF). The foundation’s primary objective is to provide education and healthcare to underprivileged children in India. Kohli has been a vocal advocate for the importance of education, and VKF has built several schools in rural parts of the country to provide access to quality education for children. The foundation has also partnered with other organizations to provide medical facilities and support to those in need. Kohli has been actively involved in promoting and fundraising for VKF, and his dedication to making a positive impact on society is well-known.

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Virat Kohli net worth

10 Amazing facts about Virat Kohli

  • As a child, Kohli had a fascination for playing football and wanted to pursue a career in the sport before focusing on cricket.
  • He was the first Indian to score a century on World Cup debut. He achieved this feat in the 2011 World Cup against Bangladesh.
  • Kohli is a fitness enthusiast and maintains a strict fitness regime. He is also a vegetarian and does not consume meat or eggs.
  • He has a charitable foundation called the Virat Kohli Foundation, which works towards providing aid and support to underprivileged kids.
  • Kohli’s nickname is Cheeku, which was given to him by his coach when he was a child.
  • He holds the record for being the fastest player to reach 8000, 9000, 10000 and 11000 runs in One Day Internationals.
  • Kohli is the first player in IPL history to score 5000 runs for a single franchise, the Royal Challengers Bangalore.
  • He was one of the three cricketers to receive the prestigious Wisden Cricketer of the Decade award in 2021.
  • Kohli is a big fan of tattoos and has several tattoos on his body, including one that reads “God’s Will” in Hindi.
  • He is married to Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, and the couple has a daughter named Vamika.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Virat Kohli’s net worth?

Virat Kohli’s estimated net worth is $ 122 million as per 2023.

When did Virat Kohli make his international debut?

Virat Kohli made his international debut in August 2008, during an ODI match against Sri Lanka.

How many centuries has Virat Kohli scored in international cricket?

Virat Kohli has scored 74 hundreds in international cricket, including 46 in one-day internationals, 27 in tests, and one in twenty-over matches.

What is Virat Kohli’s highest score in Test cricket?

Virat Kohli’s Test cricket record-setting performance is a 254* against South Africa in Pune in 2019.

How many times has Virat Kohli won the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year award?

In 2012, 2017, and 2018, Virat Kohli earned the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year award.

What is the name of Virat Kohli’s wife?

Anushka Sharma, a Bollywood actress, is married to Virat Kohli.

What is the name of Virat Kohli’s charity organization?

The Virat Kohli Foundation is a charity run by Virat Kohli that aids poor children.

How many times has Virat Kohli won the IPL?

Despite playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore since the IPL’s start, Virat Kohli has failed to take home the trophy.

What is Virat Kohli’s highest score in the IPL?

The IPL record for Virat Kohli is 113 runs, which he achieved in a 2016 match against Kings XI Punjab.

How much does Virat Kohli earn for one post on Instagram?

Virat Kohli charges an outrageous fee of USD 1,088,000, or which is around Rs. 8.9 crore (INR), for each Instagram post.

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